Web Contract to Issue Assets


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⚡️ Introduction

issueasset is a web contract to allow you to issue an asset

Data Model

issueasset allows you to issue new assets


Here is a full example of a asset Object

  "@id": "cuid:a74xt3jbin",
  "amount": 1000000,
  "name": "Melcoin",
  "ticker": "MEL",
  "description": "Melcoin tokens",
  "precision": 2,
  "owner": ""


The issued asset will live in the webcredits directory


Currently signing is done out of band using the gitmark protocol, but explicit signing will be added, in future

✍️ API

issueasset.js <amount> <name> <ticker> <description> <owner>

The following switches are allowed

--amount      # how much
--name        # the name of the asset
--ticker      # the ticker of the asset
--description # a description of why
--precision   # number of decimal places
--owner       # owner of the asset

or from npm

import issueasset from 'webcontracts-issueasset'

var asset = {
  amount: data.amount,
  ticker: data.ticker,
  description: data.description,
  precision: data.precision,
  owner: data.owner

function issueasset(asset, indir, infile)

indir and infile are optional and will default to ../webcredits/webcredits.json

⚖️ License